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F O R W A R D starring

F O R W A R D starring

Ammie Leonards
Dez Williams
Drew Law
Woody Wilson Hall
Tom Procida
Christopher Winbush
Fontessa E. Booker

CastConcept Trailer

Make The Choice To Make The Journey.

About F O R W A R D

F O R W A R D centers around The Source, a secret government entity that re-sequences human DNA for private gain.

But an unorthodox, off-the-grid veteran collective, led by an intrepid investigative journalist, soon discover that the conspiracy theory of DNA mutation is all too real – and poses a grave danger to humanity.

About F O R W A R D

Everyone is family.

F O R W A R D: The Rise of the Phoenix

F O R W A R D: The Rise of the Phoenix

Proof of concept series trailer.

See the trailer now.

We don’t know where we come from.
But we come from magistracy.
However we are learning where we are going.
We bore the mark.
We survive the fever.
We are the Forwards.
And we are fighting back.
They want to oppress us.
They want our submission.
We won’t give it.
I am Delia.
And I lead the evolution.

F O R W A R D Tech

Excitement, Drama, Funny, Scientific

Hold on to your hats and glasses, this here is the show to watch.

2.35:1 4K

Shot and edited in high quality cinemascope video.

Hard pounding 5.1 Surround Sound

Powerful bass and surround sound.

Moving F O R W A R D

As groups of people begin missing from a small community, a determined investigative journalist finds herself in the middle of a political mystery to determine where the people have gone, WHO is taking them… and WHY.

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