F O R W A R D Legacy: Archives 2015-2017

F O R W A R D Legacy: Archives…

Since August 13, 2015, through 2016 and 2017, we were in production of F O R W A R D, now named F O R W A R D Legacy. In September 2016, the writer Serenity Alyanna Edward suffered from several subarachnoid hemorrhages which caused a stroke. Before this happened, she wrote a few short films as well. During the time she was in the hospital, she asked her husband Antonio TwizShiz Edward to continue with the productions. Antonio put F O R W A R D Legacy on hold and produced the short films instead. F O R W A R D Legacy officially stopped production in January 2017. Since then, Serenity decided that she wanted to reboot and build F O R W A R D from the ground up. On January 6, 2018, production began on the shooting of the concept series trailer. The question is, what happened to all of that footage and behind the scenes videos? All videos and photos from the productions are archived on YouTube and Flickr.

Below is a list of our ARCHIVED web sites. On YouTube, every single video is archived, every take, every mistake, all of it. On Flickr, all photos and graphics are archived as well. Also the F O R W A R D Legacy sites www.EvolveForward.net and www.DreamSpace.Vision are also archived. These sites will continue to live on because so many people put their heart and soul into this production. Most of the videos on YouTube are camera originals, not colored corrected audio from the camera mic.

For the reboot, we decided on a new domain name for the official F O R W A R D website, www.forwardseries.com. You’re on this site now.

F O R W A R D Legacy: Archived websites:
F O R W A R D Legacy: EvolveForward archive website — www.evolveforward.net
F O R W A R D Legacy: DreamSpace archive website — www.dreamspace.vision
F O R W A R D Legacy: YouTube video archive
F O R W A R D Legacy: Flickr photo and graphic archive

Downloading YouTube videos:
– For instructions on how to download YouTube videos, please click here.

F O R W A R D: Current websites:
forward logo icon F O R W A R D: The official website — www.forwardseries.com (you’re on the site now)
F O R W A R D: The official YouTube channel

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